John Bzdel's LS7/T56 1988 Monte Carlo SS

704 RWHP stock short block LS7 on 92 octane pump gas+!


 Stock Crate motor as installed bove left, current modified with Beck sheetmetal above right)

Current Motor: 2006 Corvette Z06 crate motor LS7 (factory stock flywheel rating 505/470 HP/TQ SAE)

Current modified power level: 704 RWHP / 545 RWTQ SAE corrected

Stock OEM GM LS7 short block with dry sump
  • 0.040" Cometic MLS head gaskets (12.78 SCR, 9.52 DCR)
  • GM Stock ignition coils and plug wires, NKG TR6iX spark plugs gapped at 0.040"
  • GM LSX LS7 heads hand ported by Darin Morgan
  • Solid Roller Cam by Bullet Racing Cams (click here for idle link)
  • Beck Sheet metal intake 
  • Exhaust system 
  • Meziere electric water pump
  • ATI 10% under drive crank pulley
  • Two Elite Engineering catch cans
  • 2.5 BAR E38 PCM tuning
  • Drivetrain:




    Current Vehicle Description:

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